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One of the best restaurants in Bunbury, situated overlooking the spectacular Koombana Bay, Aristos Waterfront is Bunbury’s most popular casual dining experience serving an extensive range of phenomenal seafood, tender Harvey Beef steaks, Italian specialties and gourmet pizzas. Add to this a fine selection of wines, beers and cocktails and you have the perfect combination for Bunbury’s most enjoyable dining experience.

Choose from the in-house recipes developed by famous celebrity chef Aristos, and look out for him leading the professional cooks in the busy restaurant kitchen. Generally, reservations aren’t necessary – we’ll always be ready to welcome you and your friends to enjoy the fine food and the unique beachside atmosphere at Aristos Waterfront Bunbury.

Don’t forget that one of the best Bunbury restaurants on the water also offers venue hire in Bunbury and catering for your next event. Contact us at Aristos Waterfront Bunbury now to find out more.

“If there is one thing that my dear old Dad, George used to repeat over and over, it was ‘there is no substitute for quality’… that is our motto at Aristos Waterfront Bunbury and we welcome you to join us for an enjoyable dinning experience. 

Kali Orexi.”

– Aristos Papandroulakis


Other Companies

Aristos Waterfront Bunbury is part of the Aristos group of companies, which includes iCatcher Digital Signs and Aristos Seafood Trading.

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